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Beyond Stroke
We live in a two-handed world. Following a stroke or limb injury the transition from managing life with two hands to surviving with one can seem almost impossible.

This handbook provides step-by-step instructions for practical everyday life tasks and recreational activities. The easy tools provided are simple to implement with the primary aim to live once again with confidence and independence in the real world.

Beyond Stroke: Living independently with one arm is an essential guide for anyone overcoming a stroke, people with shoulder, arm or hand injury and pain, carers, health professionals and community groups.

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Sport in Victoria - A History
This book, the result of contributions from a wide range of sports writers, players, officials and historians, relates the fascinating history of more than 100 sports played in Victoria since the 1830s.

It also covers the important events, venues, clubs and leagues which characterise our sporting culture.

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Something Amazing

A little snail and a great blue whale are united by curious wonder, wholehearted trust, adventure and the waves of the wild blue sea.

Lovingly crafted, this inspiring story filled with gratitude for friendship, sails joyously from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean.

It celebrates a special connection between two unlikely friends.

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Innovative Teachers' Companion - Early Years of Learning Edition 2017

Your Early Years of Learning edition of the Innovative Teachers' Companion provides:

  • Teaching tools and links between the Australian Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • A process for the effective teaching of reading.
  • Evidence supporting the role of play in promoting Literacy.
  • Critical and creative Thinking Tools for the Early Years of Learning classroom.
  • Daily organiser with your day, month and year at a glance.

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    Innovative Teachers' Companion - Primary Edition 2017

    Your Primary Edition of the Innovative Teachers' Companion will save you time by:

  • Enabling you to implement the Australian Curriculum. We have it fully covered.
  • Assisting you to be organised with your day, month and year at a glance.
  • Keeping records with all assessments, class rolls and logs in one book.
  • Helping you to design and deliver inspiring lessons with hundreds of lesson ideas for your classroom.
  • Top selling teachers diary in Australia to 50,000 teachers every year.

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    Innovative Teachers' Companion - Secondary Edition 2017

    Innovative Teachers' Companion, is a teachers' diary incorporating a vast range of educational ideas and literature for classroom practices in Australian schools.

    Based on the philosophy that the classroom is a place for active learning, students are challenged and inspired by a range of cooperative and cognitive strategies to successfully engage in higher order thinking.

    Now available in 4, 5, 6 and multi period page layout. Find out more.

    Golf in the Heather and Gorse

    This high quality hardback book takes you through more than 70 heathland, moorland and parkland courses commencing in Scotland and finishing in Cornwall. In addition to course descriptions there is travel information and over 300 beautiful colour photographs of the courses and Mother Nature at her finest.

    Limited Edition

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    Elephant Kitten

    This delightful, beautifully illustrated book for children aged 4 to 7 years encourages positivity by dealing with disappointments and creating happy outcomes in a gentle, loving way.

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    Beginning Teachers' Companion

    Written for those starting their teaching careers, the Beginning Teachers' Companion  explores the vital areas for successful induction into the classroom and the profession.

  • Answering the fundamental question.
    Why are your students going to be better off because you are their teacher?
  • Good teacher or good teaching.
    Understand the importance of teaching practice in making a real difference.
  • Creating the quality learning environment.
    What should you be considering when you enter your first classroom?
  • Your teaching and learning methodology.
    Understand the importance of developing your personal pedagogy. Introducing a thinking skill framework.

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    Innovative Students' Companion

    The Innovative Students' Companion has been developed, and will make a real difference for all your students, especially those entering Year 7.

    They will benefit because the Innovative Students' Companion

  • Guides them through a 4 step process for tackling assessment
  • Removes the 'fear of the unknown' as students have a clear template by which to complete their assessment
  • Links the teaching in their classrooms with their own learning
  • Helps them get better results

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    Bump & Run - At the Feet of the Masters
    Focusing on the 'Golden Era' of Australian golf, author Andrew Crockett has sought the knowledge of golf's elders with contributions from Norman Von Nida, Bruce Crampton, Graham Marsh, Bill Dunk, Frank Philips, Jan Stephenson, David Graham, Bob Shearer, Peter Toogood, Ian Stanley, Bruce Devlin, Jack Newton and golf historian Tom Moore.

    Further to the interviews, Bump & Run includes 11 chapters in a 246 page coffee table book with over 200 unique vintage images, dozens of watercolour paintings, oil paintings and hand drawn illustrations from many artists and watercolour specialist Robert Wade.

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    Harry Williams, An Australian Golfing Tragedy
    On Wednesday 13 December 1961, after the landlady smells gas, the police burst into the flat to find the double suicide of Harry Williams and his mother. There is only a lettuce leaf in the refrigerator and a box of golfing trophies in the living room. These are the only remains of a brilliant but short golfing career.
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    Art of Australia

    In this brilliant history of Australian art, John McDonald, the highly-regarded art critic of the Sydney Morning Herald, takes us from the times of pre-history, settlement and exploration, to the end of the colonial era.

    McDonald reassesses the reputations of many leading artists, and links their achievements with the broader patterns of social history and ideas in Australia.

    Along with in-depth discussions, the narrative abounds with characters and anecdotes from the era of the First Fleet to that of the Australian Impressionists.

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    Our Legends
    This book captures the life stories of 42 outstanding Australian individuals, of the struggles they endured, as well as the special combination of brilliance and hard work that elevated each of them to Legend status.

    It also creates a picture of Australia's emergence on the world stage across many fields of endeavour. This is a fascinating collection of biographical essays about our Australian Legends.

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    David Graham - From Ridicule to Acclaim
    Widely regarded in the golfing world as arrogant and abrasive, David Graham is deeply respected by a few close friends for his unswerving loyalty and honesty.

    A loner, yet devoted family man, he has risen from a difficult background of ridicule and failure to the highest levels of acclaim in professional golf.

    The only Australian to win two US majors, this book tells the story of a troubled figure who, like Hamlet, faced “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”.

    Authored by Russell James and edited by Graeme Ryan, both experienced golf writers and historians with many personal connections to David Graham over more than fifty years, the book (which includes many photographs, press cuttings and private letters) presents an accurate and honest appraisal of this man who has been loved and hated throughout his golfing lifetime.

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    Thinkers Keys Digital
    Welcome to an exciting framework for the teaching of thinking.

    Thinkers Keys are twenty powerful strategies (placed in two general groups) for generating quality thinking in all learning situations.

    1. Critical/Organisational (the purple ones). To get organised, these are the Keys for you. They encourage you to do your research, to evaluate your information, and to place any necessary tasks into action.

    2. Creative (the orange ones). When you want to generate new ideas or develop some different perspectives on an issue, then these Keys will help you. They challenge you to think very differently.

    Most learning experiences will require a combination of both.
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    Thinkers Keys Cards
    This is the 3rd generation of the Thinkers Keys series. Based on a powerful pack of 20 cards for teachers and students to organise and stimulate thinking in all learning experiences.

    Highly practical, generating intellectual quality in young people, with a focus on critical and creative thinking processes.

  • A pack of 20 A5 Thinkers Keys cards with a large icon on the front of each; and a clear description of the Thinkers Key on the back.
  • A 16-page booklet with a series of suggestions for implementation, plus some organisational frameworks and a Thinksheet for use by students in their daily learning experiences.

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    The Fabulous First 5 Minutes
    The Fab First 5 School Pack gives teachers the opportunity to help children stay motivated on a regular basis. It contains:
  • Powerpoint presentation for computer and e-whiteboard use
  • Facilitator's Guide
  • Master pdfs for the Possibili-tree and leaves
  • 20 x Blackline masters for regular classroom activities, or for whenever specific challenges arise.
  • Hang up your worries' script to lead children through a quick meditation process
  • A4 pdfs of A for Attitude posters to print and display on your classroom wall.

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    First & Only Women
    This important book provides a fascinating account of history's most inspiring women.

    It presents many of the world’s most amazing women who, despite seemingly impossible odds took charge of their own destinies and changed the course of history.

    Among the female firsts are Pharaoh Hatshepsut, a woman who ruled as king, not as queen; Christine de Pisan, Europe's first professional writer; and Valentina Tereshkova, Russian astronaut and the first woman in space.

    Adventurers, athletes, politicians, artists, scientists, educators, revolutionariesand criminals fill the 300 pages.

    First & Only Women celebrates some extraordinary pioneers who have singularly and collectively cleared a path for other females to follow.

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    Picture Magic
    This newly published book and CD uses engaging photographs across the curriculum to spark and deepen children's thinking. It outlines thinking frameworks including Tony Ryan's Thinkers Keys, Bloom's Revised Taxonomy and Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.

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    Golf in the Heather and Gorse
    Bump & Run - At the Feet of the Masters
    Harry Williams, An Australian Golfing Tragedy
    Simply Toogood - Peter Toogood's Life in Golf
    David Graham - From Ridicule to Acclaim
    Burtta Cheney: A Life in Golf by Gillian Ednie
    Another Journey Through The Links
    Golf Courses of Australia CD-ROM
    Golf Courses of Australia Database
    Links Golf
    Golf Courses of the Mornington Peninsula

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    Beyond Stroke
    Sport in Victoria - A History
    Something Amazing
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    Anya - Countess of Adelaide
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