David Graham - From Ridicule to Acclaim

Author: Russell James
Price: AUS $29.99, plus postage & handling

Widely regarded in the golfing world as arrogant and abrasive, David Graham is deeply respected by a few close friends for his unswerving loyalty and honesty.

A loner, yet devoted family man, he has risen from a difficult background of ridicule and failure to the highest levels of acclaim in professional golf.

The only Australian to win two US majors, this book tells the story of a troubled figure who, like Hamlet, faced “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”.

Authored by Russell James and edited by Graeme Ryan, both experienced golf writers and historians with many personal connections to David Graham over more than fifty years, the book (which includes many photographs, press cuttings and private letters) presents an accurate and honest appraisal of this man who has been loved and hated throughout his golfing lifetime.


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