The Writings of Dr Alister MacKenzie

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The great British golf course architect Dr Alister MacKenzie left a legacy of inspired writings on the many subjects that were of interest to him throughout his career. Naturally golf course architecture was his primary topic, yet he also had strong views on many other subjects including camouflage which dated back to his time in South Africa as a civil surgeon in the Boer War. Later he was the founder of the Royal Engineer's Camouflage School in WWI.

Lavishly illustrated in full colour with many period photographs, drawings and plans, this book provides many fascinating insights into Dr MacKenzie's philosophies on golf course architecture and other subjects that were of continuing interest to him. For the first time a complete list of MacKenzie's writings has also been assembled.

Neil Crafter is a golf course architect based in Adelaide, Australia, and a former national amateur golf representative.

He has a passion for the life and works of Dr Alister Mackenzie and has been researching the man for over 20 years.

Neil leads the MacKenzie Chronology research team for The Alister MacKenzie Society of the UK.


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