Bump & Run - At the Feet of the Masters

Bump & Run - At the Feet of the Masters
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Golf was intended to be played along the ground with humps and bumps and 'bad luck' an intricate facet of the intrigue and uniqueness of the sport. Over time golf is becoming more and more sterile with manicured golf courses, cloned swings, equipment and technology that seems bent on trying to make the game easier and easier.

Golf was meant to be hard, like life, the game itself becoming a mirror of our internal struggles and it doesn't take a wise man to know that the hard road and the path less trodden is the one that builds character. The elders of golf provide us with some interesting clues and it is my hope that the content in this book not only assists golfers to improve their game, but also provides some historical education for the afflicted and the happily addicted.

Andrew J Crockett (Author)

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