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The Biography

This is the first comprehensive biography of Sir Bob Charles. He embarked on a career, that no New Zealander had chosen before, of a full-time touring professional golfer.

He competed during the 'golden age' of professional golf in the 1960s and 1970s and acquired the title of the "best putter in the world". On the Senior PGA Tour from 1986 he became the man to beat.

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Mike Wolveridge

This most interesting and highly amusing book outlines the early and professional golfing life of Michael Wolveridge prior to him joining with Peter Thomson, Commander John Harris and later Ross Perrett to form one of the top international golf architecture firms that built or redesigned 200 courses around the world.

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The Writings of Dr Alister MacKenzie

The great British golf course architect Dr Alister MacKenzie left a legacy of inspired writings on the many subjects that were of interest to him throughout his career. Naturally golf course architecture was his primary topic, yet he also had strong views on many other subjects including camouflage which dated back to his time in South Africa as a civil surgeon in the Boer War. Later he was the founder of the Royal Engineer's Camouflage School in WWI.

Lavishly illustrated in full colour with many period photographs, drawings and plans, this book provides many fascinating insights into Dr MacKenzie's philosophies on golf course architecture and other subjects that were of continuing interest to him. For the first time a complete list of MacKenzie's writings has also been assembled.

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Terrior of Golf

The connections between golf and wine are many and varied. They include golf course, vineyards, wineries and people. This book is a treasure trove of entertaining stories and discoveries.

It all begins with the land for both golf and grapes. From the pure links courses of Scotland to the vineyards of the old and new worlds of wine, in this book you will discover the fascinating synergy between golf and wine.

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The golf courses of Vern Morcom
Vern Morcom was in his mid-twenties when Alister MacKenzie, the world's most celebrated golf course architect, came to Black Rock to lay out Royal Melbourne West. What followed was a remarkable life in golf. Vern began his four decades as Head Greenkeeper at Kingston Heath by building its spectacular bunkers and its famous 15th hole. In his spare time, he roamed the country designing and remodelling golf courses, spreading golden age philosophies as he went.

When he had finished in the 1960s, no fewer than 90 courses across Australia had his imprint. This book documents, for the first time, the story of these courses and the legacy of one of Australia's most influential golf course architects.

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Discovering Alex Russell: The Man and His Legacy
This well-illustrated and detailed biography by Neil Crafter and John Green uses detailed text, period archival photographs, maps and plans to bring together the many threads of Russell's life.

It traces his life from birth as the son of a wealthy Victorian grazier, to his education at Geelong Grammar and Cambridge, and his distinguished service as an artillery officer in the British Army during World War I.

The book also examines Russell's political life and his subsequent service in World War II where he oversaw the repatriation of prisoners of war for the Australian Red Cross, together with his family life and the grazing property 'Mawallok' in Victoria's Western District.

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Stableford - A Life in Golf, Medicine and War
The 'Patron Saint of Club Golfers' as known throughout the golfing world, Dr Frank Barney Gorton Stableford is one of the most prominent figures in the history and development of the game.

Like the good doctor he was, Stableford introduced and developed a scoring system which greatly reduced the pain of bad play and increased the enjoyment of the game for golfers of all standards.

Beyond golf, his achievements as a man of ideals and many talents provide us with shining examples of how to contribute to the world in which we live and make a difference through personal commitment.

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Golf in the Heather and Gorse
This high quality hardback book takes you through more than 70 heathland, moorland and parkland courses commencing in Scotland and finishing in Cornwall. In addition to course descriptions there is travel information and over 300 beautiful colour photographs of the courses and Mother Nature at her finest.

Limited Edition

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Bump & Run - At the Feet of the Masters
Focusing on the 'Golden Era' of Australian golf, author Andrew Crockett has sought the knowledge of golf's elders with contributions from Norman Von Nida, Bruce Crampton, Graham Marsh, Bill Dunk, Frank Philips, Jan Stephenson, David Graham, Bob Shearer, Peter Toogood, Ian Stanley, Bruce Devlin, Jack Newton and golf historian Tom Moore.

Further to the interviews, Bump & Run includes 11 chapters in a 246 page coffee table book with over 200 unique vintage images, dozens of watercolour paintings, oil paintings and hand drawn illustrations from many artists and watercolour specialist Robert Wade.

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Harry Williams, An Australian Golfing Tragedy
On Wednesday 13 December 1961, after the landlady smells gas, the police burst into the flat to find the double suicide of Harry Williams and his mother. There is only a lettuce leaf in the refrigerator and a box of golfing trophies in the living room. These are the only remains of a brilliant but short golfing career.
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Simply Toogood - Peter Toogood's Life in Golf
Peter Toogood MBE is a member of an extraordinary family of golfers. Since the 1890s, they have distinguished themselves as both professionals and amateurs. Toogood is among Australia's finest amateur golfers. He is a former Australian and New Zealand amateur champion and a multiple winner of the Tasmanian open and amateur championships. He was leading amateur in the 1954 British Open (twice in the Australian Open) and a member of the Australian team that won the inaugural Eisenhower Trophy world teams championship at St Andrews in 1958.

Toogood represented Tasmania as a state player for more than 30 years and was embroiled in many golfing controversies. He wrestled with the decision to turn professional, founded the Australasian Golf Museum at Bothwell in Tasmania and had a distinguished career in education.

He was awarded an MBE for his services to education and golf in 1981 and is an inaugural member of the Tasmanian Sporting Hall of Fame.

SIMPLY TOOGOOD will be relished by golf and sports enthusiasts and by readers interested in Australian biography.

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David Graham - From Ridicule to Acclaim

Widely regarded in the golfing world as arrogant and abrasive, David Graham is deeply respected by a few close friends for his unswerving loyalty and honesty.

A loner, yet devoted family man, he has risen from a difficult background of ridicule and failure to the highest levels of acclaim in professional golf.

The only Australian to win two US majors, this book tells the story of a troubled figure who, like Hamlet, faced “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”.

Authored by Russell James and edited by Graeme Ryan, both experienced golf writers and historians with many personal connections to David Graham over more than fifty years, the book (which includes many photographs, press cuttings and private letters) presents an accurate and honest appraisal of this man who has been loved and hated throughout his golfing lifetime.
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Burtta Cheney: A Life in Golf

This book celebrates Burtta Cheney's remarkable life in golf spanning over eighty years. It will be of great interest to golf lovers of all ages and especially the hundreds of girls, and others, she inspired to make golf a treasured part of their lives.
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Another Journey Through The Links
This magnificent book provides the most comprehensive review of the 165 links courses in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. Beautifully written by David Worley, with a Foreword by Peter Thomson, this book totals 416 pages with more than 500 colour photographs. Find out more.


Golf Courses of Australia CD-ROM
Golf Courses of Australia allows you to discover all 1500 golf courses and provides you with full details of clubhouse, course, pro-shop and other useful information. You can readily locate every course on easy-to-read maps. Golf Courses of Australia also contains up to date results of important Australian and overseas golf tournaments.
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Golf Courses of Australia Database
The Golf Courses of Australia Database allows you to contact all of Australia's 1500 golf courses to promote your goods and services. All details have been fully revised and updated.
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Links Golf - The Inside Story
"This is truly the inside story of links golf. Encompassing the history, tradition, and images of the great links, this book is a worthy travelling companion, and guide, on your golfing journey." - Ian Baker-Finch, 1991 British Open Champion.
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Golf Courses of the Mornington Peninsula
Here is a rare opportunity to purchase a superb, definitive and long overdue publication on the Golf Courses of the Mornington Peninsula.
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Mezze (mee-zay) Little bites of flying, living and golfing
Oliver Green has lead an extraordinary life and witnessed many of the tumultuous events that have shaped the 20th century. This autobiography, written as he approached his 79th birthday, looks back on a distinguished career with the Royal Air Force as a fighter pilot in WWII, a prisoner of war for nearly four years after being shot down in North Africa, commanding strategic air bases around the world and serving as Britain's military representative to NATO. He first flew in an aircraft made from wood and fabric and broke the sound barrier in a sub-sonic Hawker Hunter.
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