If you are about to embark on your teacher training or are a principal assisting your newest staff members, the  Beginning Teachers' Companion  Fifth Edition is there for you.

A must for any beginning teacher.

Beginning Teachers' Companion

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Written for those starting their teaching careers, the  Beginning Teachers' Companion  Fifth Edition explores the vital areas for successful induction into the classroom and the profession.

  • Answering the fundamental question.
    Why are your students going to be better off because you are their teacher?
  • Good teacher or good teaching.
    Understand the importance of teaching practice in making a real difference.
  • Creating the quality learning environment.
    What should you be considering when you enter your first classroom?
  • Your teaching and learning methodology.
    Understand the importance of developing your personal pedagogy. Introducing a thinking skill framework.
  • Lesson structure, delivery and planning.
    Explore a template based on an Explicit Instruction Model for planning your lessons.
  • Giving feedback and guidance.
    Review your practice. How should it be done.
  • Written after extensive consultation with the teacher training sector, the  Beginning Teachers' Companion  Fifth Edition provides a practical examination of the skills of teaching.

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