Picture Magic

Judy Will
ISBN: 097754720-5

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Picture Magic uses engaging photographs across the curriculum to spark and deepen children's thinking. It outlines thinking frameworks including Tony Ryan's Thinkers Keys, Bloom's Revised Taxonomy and Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.

Picture Magic offers teachers a wealth of information, focusing on questioning, inquiry, conversation, critical thinking, teaching strategies, lesson ideas and examples.

Picture Magic contains 2 sections
1. Thinking
        - Questioning and Inquiry
        - Critical Thinking
        - How good are my teaching strategies?
    2. Doing/Lessons
       - Preschool and Lower Primary
       - Middle and Upper Primary
       - Examples for all year levels

The CD provides over 140 inspirational photographs and 270 pages of printable support material.

"Picture Magic is a highly professional and delightful resource"
- Kerry Bissaker (Senior Lecturer, School of Education, Flinders University, SA)

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