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Business Planning Handbook
This recently released book/software package is the most up-to-date and comprehensive guide for business planning currently available.
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Business Planning: How to KISS a Princess
All businesses need to plan. This unique book moves logically through the planning exercise. It explains the why and the how of planning in a simple and readable way.
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Sources of Finance
This book has been written with the intention of contributing to the understanding, and to the rational application by business, of the financial facilities currently being offered in Australia. It is a readable guide to sources of finance, including debt, equity and Government assistance, with an emphasis on a practical rather than theoretical approach to the subject.
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Think New
This best selling book presents an easy, structured way to product innovation and greater business opportunity.
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Think Next
Also by the author of Think New, Think Next allows the reader see business opportunities in everyday life that others pass by.
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Winning with Wisdom
To succeed in today’s demanding times takes courage and competence. WINNING with WISDOM will help accelerate your performance in life, business and sport with its inspirational stories, strategies and quotes. WINNING with WISDOM is designed to give you ‘bite-sized’ shots of wisdom to help you achieve your goals and cope with change as we fast-track our way through the 21st century.
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