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FRAGILE POWER provides the knowledge, confidence, and power to improve your leadership performance and achieve your goals in life, business, and sport.

However, 'power is fragile' and should be used sensitively, tactfully, cleverly, empathetically, and wisely to succeed.

This book, the author's fifth, is a business autobiography covering his 60-year career and delivers 40 Case Histories and Leadership Lessons learnt from his experiences with Caltex Oil, Collingwood Football Club, L'Oreal, Wurlitzer, Ford, The America's Cup, Toyota, BMW, Jetset Travel, HLB Mann Judd, Mercedes-Benz, First National Real Estate, the AFL, and more.

Each Case History delivers five significant Leadership Lessons for your healthier, happier, wealthier, and more rewarding journey in life, business, and sport.

George D. Norris is regarded as Australia's most experienced Corporate Coach. He has experienced the ups and downs of life, business and sport which have provided remarkable and extensive experience. As a visionary, George uses Nike's positioning statement and Frank Sinatra's song to say, "I Just did it - my way!".

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