Winning with Wisdom
Fast-track yourself to win with a game plan for success

Fast-track yourself to win with a game plan for success
by George D. Norris
ISBN: 1-920785-32-9
Price: AUS $9.95, US $14.95, plus postage & handling

To succeed in today’s demanding times takes courage and competence. WINNING with WISDOM will help accelerate your performance in life, business and sport with its inspirational stories, strategies and quotes.

WINNING with WISDOM is designed to give you ‘bite-sized’ shots of wisdom to help you achieve your goals and cope with change as we fast-track our way through the 21st century.

“An Executive Coach can help an AFL Coach by fine-tuning in areas of leadership, communication and strategy that can help your confidence and the confidence and performance of your team.” Neale Daniher, AFL Senior Coach, Melbourne Football Club

“George unravels the way we are and gives simple, understandable advice to achieve change. Now his thoughts are in print. They should carry a warning. Enthusiasm is contagious.” Ian Herdman, Chairman QDC Technologies

“George is a great storyteller. The underlying philosophy in his stories is how to better yourself and even more important, how to better others” Peter Schwab, AFL Senior Coach, Hawthorn Football Club

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