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Well-known Australian Education Consultant and Author Eric Frangenheim is in his 51st year in education, having taught and consulted in hundreds of schools throughout Australia and New Zealand and in five other countries. Read more about Eric at

His signature printed book, Reflections on Classroom Thinking Strategies, is in its 11th edition and has sold more than 35,000 copies in schools and universities in Australia, New Zealand.

Based on materials in his book, Eric has also published three new digital thinking tools resources to assist teachers engage students in their classrooms. These resources save time in lesson preparation as one explicit question or activity, accompanied by an appropriate thinking tool and a clear timeframe, can become a major or a minor part of a lesson.

These are the tools and philosophy Eric has used as an education consultant with great success and engagement

The three resources, which would be placed on a school's G Drive for all teachers to access, are:

  1. Thinking Tools Templates (34 templates or graphic organisers) for projection onto any type of white board, allowing teachers to project and then add the topic and start the collection and collation of data onto the selected template using white board markers.
  2. Thinking Tools Templates Black Line Masters, enabling teachers to print any required number of a template for lessons.
  3. Cartoon Conversations. This resource contains 25 colour cartoons from Eric's book. Each cartoon is accompanied by a series of questions and explanatory text which can be answered using a Think:Pair:Share. This simple 2-3 minute exercise can be used during a registration or pastoral care session and at the start of staff meetings. These conversations promote reflection, discussion and higher order thinking skills.

The three products can be ordered at: as a Whole-School Discount Bundle for $399 inc gst, saving $89 on separate orders. When you order this, enter COUPON CODE ryan21 at Check Out and your school will save an extra $60, paying only $339 inc gst. This is a once-off fee. That is, no annual licences!

To get a clear idea of how these digital resources are used in the classroom, go to Eric's website at Rodin Educational Consultancy to view the three short User Guide videos.
See the link:


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